A suggested plan for development of marine fisheries sector of Andhra Pradesh

Rajyalakshmi, T (1991) A suggested plan for development of marine fisheries sector of Andhra Pradesh. CMFRI Bulletin National Symposium on Research and Development in Marine Fisheries Sessions V, VI, VII 1987, 44 (3). pp. 548-553.


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    A suggested plan for the development of marine fisheries sector of Andhra Pradesh Is presented here. The condition of the state fisheries shows stagnation of overall productivity of the waters. Andhra Pradesh contributed on an average 1.47 lakh tonnes, forming around 9% of the total fish catches of India (in 1984). The following are major areas to be considered for proper planning and development. Several of the stocks are being fished In a narrow coastal belt and there is thus concern on the depletion of these resources; secondly, there Is the threat of Increasing Incursion of foreign fishing vessels; thirdly, the increasingly fast degradation of coastal waters by multiple users on the one hand and multiplication of traditional users on the other; lastly, the potential of aquaculture is yet to be fully assessed. The plan hence recommends four major but broad thrusts for the overall development which Includes management and conservation of marine fisheries; prevention of pollution and degradation of wetlands as pertaining to fish habitats: strengthening the commercial fishing Industry, particularly of the 200 miles EEZ; and aquaculture as an additional technology.

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