CIFE contribution to marine fisheries R & D

Devaraj, M and Sreekrishna, Y (1991) CIFE contribution to marine fisheries R & D. CMFRI Bulletin National Symposium on Research and Development in Marine Fisheries Sessions V, VI, VII 1987, 44 (3). pp. 535-547.



The CIFE contributions to marine fisheries R&D are mainly In the areas of stock assessment, brackish water farming, fishing and product diversification, fishery socio-economics and technology transfer. Stock assessment studies, limited to the west coast and particularly to the northwest coast Include the stocks of Co///a dussumleii, Otolilhus cuvleri, Johnlus glaucus, Polynemus heptadactylus, Harpodon nehereus, Arius thalasslnus, Nemlpterus japonlcus, all-northwest coast Inshore species, penaeid prawns, Rastrelllger kanagurta, Sardlnella longiceps and xancus pyrum. In respect of brackish water fisheries, R & D acclivities are concerned with prawn hatcheries, seed banks, low Input culture, live feed culture and fishery estates. Simple techniques for making laminated Bombay duck, fish wafers and minced meat have been developed for the purpose of product diversification. High opening bottom trawling has been experimentally proven to be more productive than the traditional bottom trawling, and Is being popularised. Studies on profitability of mechanised fishing indicate some prospects for additional Investment. Small private owned brackish water farms are more profitable than large government owned farms, Indicating thereby the need to privatize the farm sector. The fisheries

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