Unprecedented growth induced in spiny lobsters

Radhakrishnan, E V and Vijayakumaran, M (1982) Unprecedented growth induced in spiny lobsters. Marine Fisheries Information Service, Technical and Extension Series, 43 . pp. 6-8.

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Experiments in ablation of eyestalks and thereby removal of the gland complex was not found to be useful in the acceleration of moulting in P. Cygnus in Australia and P. Argus in America, leading to the conclusion that MIH factor may not be present in the eyestalk of palinurid lobsters. The results for accelerating moulting frequency and weight gain in the spiny lobster P. Homarus are discussed. The technique used was bilateral removal of eyestalks by ligation. Compared to the control lobsters which moulted 4 times in 140 days reaching 70 g, the ablated lobsters moulted 7 times to reach the marketable size of 200 g in the same period.Three to sevenfold increase in weight was obtained in ablated lobsters.Weight gain per day, was more in early juveniles, absolute increase in bodyweight was higher in bigger lobsters.. The present study clearly indicates that it would be possible to grow marketable size lobsters from juvenile stage in 5 to 6 months and to double the size in another 3 or 4 months. This may lead to develop genetically fast growing strains of lobsters and more than all, makes P.Homarus a very suitable candidate species for culture.

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