Development of prawn culture in Tuticorin area

Marichamy, R and Rajapackiam, S (1990) Development of prawn culture in Tuticorin area. CMFRI Bulletin National Symposium on Research and Development in Marine Fisheries Sessions III & IV 1987, 44 (2). pp. 328-336.



The coastal zone along Tuticorin in Chidambaranar District of Tamiinadu affords suitable environment for the occurrence, survival, growth and production of commercially valuable prawns. The prospects of prawn culture are discussed in relation to the available resources of land, water and wild seeds as well as the recent developments made In the area. Growth and production of Penaeus indlcus cultured in the salt pan area near Tuticorin during 1985-87 are presented. The results of prawn culture experiments were highly Influenced by the stocking density and also the hydrological features of the culture site Best result In growth (27 mm/4.2 g/month) and production (1347 i^g/ha' crop) was recorded when the stocking was kept at 75 000-80,000/ha. The maximum production of 1,600-1,700 kg/ha/crop was attained in high stocking density, but the period of culture was more. A total production of 10, 407.5 Kg of Penaeus indicus was etiained from 7 ponds of a total area of 4.2 ha by raising 2-3 crops in a period of 26 months and fetched a gross income of Rs, 3,90,161/-. The results of the experiments are highly encouraging for the fast development of semi-intensive farming in the area. Various problems encountered In the development of prawn farming and suggestions for better management practices are highlighted. Information covering the suitable areas for the development of coastal farm, economics of culture, culture operations, the sources of financial and technical aids available in this profitable venture are presented.

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