New trends in the traditional marine fisheries at Tuticorin

Sam Bennet, P and Arumugam, G (1987) New trends in the traditional marine fisheries at Tuticorin. CMFRI Bulletin : National Symposium on Research and Development in Marine Fisheries Sessions I & II 1987, 44 (Part -1). pp. 155-158.



Quiet changes have taken place during recent years in the fishery by traditional crafts and gear at Tuticorin. This study refers to the changes taken place in the commercial fisheries of Tuticorin due to the introduction of machanisation of traditional fishing crafts. Started in 1985 over 90 Tuticorin type boats have been fitted with inboard engines of 10 HP mainly of the Kangaroo make. These boats operate drift nets and hook ft lines for demersal as wall as pelagic species of fish. Data collected two years priot and two years after the introduction of mechanisation of indigenous crafts have been compared. Operational parametres and benefit* of mechanisation are discussed. The fishermen are benefited by increased catch par unit as well as increased price for the catch by arriving earlier.

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