A brief appraisal of marine fisheries in India

Alagaraja, K (1987) A brief appraisal of marine fisheries in India. CMFRI Bulletin : National Symposium on Research and Development in Marine Fisheries Sessions I & II 1987, 44 (Part -1). pp. 36-41.



Using Relative Response Model and Maximum Contribution Approach, estimates on potential yield from the 0-50m depth area of Indian coastal waters are obtained as 2.20 and 2 00 million tonnes respectively. Basing on productivity estimates, potential yield from 50-200 m depth area is expected to be one million tonnes. It is suggested that no further increase in effort in 0>50 m depth is advisable. Instead, mechanisation of indigenous craft and/or replacement of existing small mechanised ones by medium sized vessels may improve the yield to 2.00 million tonnes. In the case of 60-200 m depth introduction of 400 large vessels of length above 10 m is suggested

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