Growth profile of marine fisheries in India

James, P S B R (1987) Growth profile of marine fisheries in India. CMFRI Bulletin : National Symposium on Research and Development in Marine Fisheries Sessions I & II 1987, 44 (Part -). pp. 10-27.


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    An attempt is made in this paper to outline the growth and changes that have talcen place in the marina fisheries of India over the past 4 decades The trends in marine fish landings, the progressive changes that have taken place In the craft and gear employed to catch the fish, the progress made by the fish-processing and marinating industry, including the phenomenal growth of the export of marine products, are reviewed. The rapid progress achieved in important areas of marine fisheries research in ihe post-Independence era and the areas in which more research is needed in the coming years are discussed. Education and training programmes aimed at providing the trained manpower to in^plement the various developmental programmes connected with the growth of the marine fishing industry are also outlined and the need for strengthening these programmes Is pointed out. The growth in the fishermen population, the mechanisation of the indigenous craft, the introduction of the mechanised fishing vessels such as trawlers, purse seiners and gill natters into the marine fishery, the advent of large trawlers on the northeast coast of India and the effect of all these developments on the traditional fishermen are discussed. The attempts at promoting joint ventures and chartering of foreign Vessels are analysed with respect to advantages and disadvantages of such endeavours. The growth in the financial outlay during the successive five-year plans at the Central and Stete levels and its impact on the development of the marine fishing sector are briefly elucidated.

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