Aspects of the blood clam, Anadara granosa (Linnaeus) culture in Kakinada bay

Narasimham, K A (1988) Aspects of the blood clam, Anadara granosa (Linnaeus) culture in Kakinada bay. CMFRI Bulletin, 42 (2). pp. 313-317.



A. granosa of mean length 25.2-26.9 mm, when grown in boxes for about 4) months did not reveal any disparity in the growth rate at densities of 50-1 00/0 25m2 but at 126-1 6010.25m2 the growth rate is significantly reduced. Growth in weight showed similar reduction. It is shown that in the Kakinada Bay, a stocking density of 100 clamsl0.2S rn2 of about 7 g average weight gives the maximum production of unmarketable size (25 g) A. granosa in about 4b months. In the absence of a pen enclosure, field culture of A. granosa gave a production rate of 21 t/h3'6months with 41.5% retrieval. Although the clams have restricted movements their mobility is large enough to reduce both the retrieval and production rates by about 50% if pen enclosure is dispensed.

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