Seasonal abundance of bivalve and gastropod larvae in the plankton off Tuticorin coast

Siraimeetan, Pon and Marichamy, R (1988) Seasonal abundance of bivalve and gastropod larvae in the plankton off Tuticorin coast. CMFRI Bulletin, 42(1). pp. 225-231.


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Estimation and identification of the commercially important molluscsn larvae occurring in the plant(ton collected from inshore waters off Tuticorin coast during 1976-1985 indicated their abundance in space and time. It is of practical significance to determine the fluctuations in the larval population and settlement of many of the bivalves iilce the pearl oyster. The occurrence of bivalve and gastropod larvae exhibit two distinct modes during February-April and September-December indicating the peal( spawning seasons of these groups. In certain years, another prominent occurrence of molluscan larvae was noticed during June-July. A maximum of 98.5% of bivalve larvae were recorded in February, 1976 and 91.8% of gastropod larvae during June, 1976. The distribution pattern of molluscan larvae and that of other planktonic organisms and the relationship with hydrological factors are discussed. Several larval forms have been identified from the collections indicating the significance of Tuticorin as an important molluscan resources zone.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Seasonal abundance; bivalve and gastropod larvae; plankton; Tuticorin coast
Subjects: Molluscan Fisheries
Molluscan Fisheries > Gastropods
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