Reproduction in edible bivalve shellfishes of Ratnagiri Coast

Mane, U H and Nagabhushanam, R (1988) Reproduction in edible bivalve shellfishes of Ratnagiri Coast. CMFRI Bulletin, 42(1) . pp. 167-176.



Clams, oysters and mussels are regularly fished and marketed at different places in Ratnagiri district throughout year, rarely in peak of monsoon. The annual reproductive cycles of three species of edible clams Paphia laterisulca, Katelysia opima and Meretrix meretrix, the oysters Saccostrea cucullata and C. grypholdes and the green mussel Perna virldis of the Ratnagiri coast have been studied. Maximum gonad index occurs during June-August and November-February in P. laterisulca, June-September and January-February In K. opima and February-August In M. meretrix. The histological studies revealed spawning m P. laterisulca during mid September-Match with two peaks • once in October-November and another In February-March. Spawning in K. opima occurs during October-November and March-April. M. meretrix spawns only during October-November. S. cucullata spawns during October-January, and C, grypholdes during October-November. P. virldis spawns during late July-early September. The difference In such spawning periods of these shellfishes have be°n attributed to the change* In salinities in the respective habitats with the secondary cffecta of temperature on the gonads- The results are discussed in the light of species adjustment to the fluctuating environment and biochemical-phyiiology,

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