Hydrography in relation to tuna fisheries in the Indian ocean

Uda, Michitaka (1973) Hydrography in relation to tuna fisheries in the Indian ocean. MBAI Special Publication dedicated to Dr. N K Panikkar (1). pp. 276-292.



Tuna fishing grounds in relation to hydrographic conditions were studied from the data obtained during the HOE (1960-64). The most abundant catch of the yellowfin tuna was found in the equatorial countercurrent area and in the south equatorial current areas. The Indian Ocean central water area and subtropical convergence area (75°E) formed good ground for albacore tuna. The big-eye tuna occurred in subtropical convergence area with the maximum concentration of fishes along the marginal areas. The results indicate that the upwelling areas are favourable for tuna fishing in the equatorial zone.

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