The molluscan fishery resources of India

Jones, S (1969) The molluscan fishery resources of India. In: Proceedings of the Symposium on Mollusca ; MBAI, 12-16 January 1968, Cochin.



The present status of the different molluscan fisheries of India and their potentials are discussed in the paper. Molluscs of commercial importance are all essentially marine and broadly come under two major categories, viz., (i) edible and (ii) ornamental. Squids, mussels, oysters, clams, etc., which are used for human consumption come under the edible molluscan fisheries. Of these the most widely distributed is the squid fishery. The mussel fishery is of considerable local importance in rocky areas especially along the West Coast. Backwater oysters, clams, etc., form sustenance fisheries of limited importance in some localities. Most of the edible molluscs are consumed by the poor class of people along the coastal areas. Special reference is made regarding the scope for the development of the mussel fishery in certain parts of India. Under ornamental molluscan fisheries, pearl oyster, chank, window-pane oyster, Trochus, Turbo and a variety of curio shells are included. In addition to the above, dead shells and shell products are used for a variety of purposes including the manufacture of lime and cement.

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