Seaweed culture - its feasibility and industrial utilization

Chennubhotla, V S Krishnamurthy and Kalimuthu, S and Selvaraj, M (1986) Seaweed culture - its feasibility and industrial utilization. In: Proceedings of the Symposium on Coastal Aquaculture, Part 4, MBAI, 12-18 January 1980, Cochin.



Culture of seaweeds is practiced since ages in countries such as Japan, China and Korea. Seaweed cultivation is an industry in Japan as a part-time avocation for land farmers and fishermen. The seaweeds cultured mainly in these countries are Porphyra, Undaria, Laminaria, Enteromorpha and Monostroma. In India seaweed culture is yet to develop on commercial lines. While the demand for these seaweeds is for food purposes in foreign countries, their demand in India is for the extraction of two phytochemicals namely agar-agar and algin. In recent years many factories manufacturing these chemicals have come up in India as a consequence of which the demand for the agarophytes and alginophytes has gone up. In order to maintain a continuous supply of this raw material to the industry, methods to augment the supplies through culture practices have to be developed.

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