A note on the food of young mackerel

Venkataraman, G (1970) A note on the food of young mackerel. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India, 12 (1 & 2). pp. 230-231.



The food of the Indian mackerel, Rastrelliger kanagurta (Cuvier), has been investigated in some detail but the studies have largely been based upon samples of higher size-groups. Not only is the information available on the food of young mackerel limited, but there is also no agreement among the workers on the nature of their food. Chidambaram (1944) and Devanesan & Chidambaram (1948) found the young mackerel feeding on the fish, Stolephorus, thereby indicating a carnivorous habit in the young fish. On the other hand, the observations made by Bhimachar and George (1952), Pradhan (1956), George and Annigeri (1960) and George (1964), showed no appreciable difference between the food of the young and the adult, both being almost exclusive plankton feeders. Rao, K. V. (1964) in his account of the distribution of the young stages of mackerel also has touched on the food of the juveniles caught from different centres. Investigations carried out at Waltair (Rao & Rao, 1957 ; Rao, K. V. N. 1964) revealed that the young fish (32 to 89 mm.) were carnivorous, larval whitebait forming one of the chief items of food; while there was no trace of fish larvae in the food of the adults.

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