On two specimens of Microprosthema sp. (Decapoda Macrura) from Palk Bay

Mahadevan, S and Rengarajan, K and Sankarankutty, C (1962) On two specimens of Microprosthema sp. (Decapoda Macrura) from Palk Bay. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India, 4 (2). pp. 235-237.



A single male specimen of Microprosthema sp., measuring 13 mm. long was first noticed in the laboratorjif moving among the tentacular bases of an expanded seaanemone, Gyrostoma sp. On 2-7-1961 which was collected earlier from a shallow pool of water under dead coral stones in the exposed tidal sandy flat of Palk Bay. The occurrence of shrimp on isea-anemone, however, proved to be only accidental, since on a later occasion we Were able to collect an ovigerous female, 15 mnj. long on 10-9-1961 from the samel locality under dead coral rocks. A perusal of literature reveals that only Microprpsthema validum Stimpson (=Stenopus robustus Borradaile) has been previously recorded by Gravely (1927) from Krusadai Island and Shingle Island in the Gulf of Mannar.

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