Biology and fishery of the Palk-Bay squid, Sepioteuthis arctipinnis Gould

Rao, K Virabhadra (1954) Biology and fishery of the Palk-Bay squid, Sepioteuthis arctipinnis Gould. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 1 (1&2). pp. 37-66.



The only account of the Palk-Bay Squid, which supports an ancient and locally well-known minor industry in the Ramnad District of the Madras State is that of Hornell (1917, 1922) who has described it as 'Loligo sp.' The wide long fins extending almost the whole length of the mantle, as shown in his figures, indicate that the form dealt with is a member of the genus Sepioteuthis and not of Loligo. Hornell's (1950) posthumous publication, Fishing in Many Waters, contains references to squid fishing but these notes are based entirely on his earlier accounts. Apart from the general observations on the methods and seasons of fishing there is no published account of its true taxonomic status or biology. On the Indian cephalopods studies of a taxonomic nature have received some attention in the past; the papers of Goodrich (1896), Massy (1916) and Adam (1939 a) contain valuable information on preserved collections of the Indian Museum, Calcutta.

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