Taxonomy and Fishery of Flatfishes

Nair, Rekha J and Gopalakrishnan, A (2022) Taxonomy and Fishery of Flatfishes. In: ICAR-CMFRI -Winter School on Recent Development in Taxonomic Techniques of Marine Fishes for Conservation and Sustainable Fisheries Management. ICAR-Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Kochi, pp. 262-281.

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    According to Nelson (2016), 772 extant species of flatfishes are recognized worldwide in 14 families with 129 genera; about 10 species (six achirids, one soleid, and three cynoglossids) are said to be fresh water. The first mention of flatfishes in Ichthyology was in 1686 by Willughby in L’Historia piscium where flatfishes were placed as Ossei Plani (Flat bony). Broussonet (1782) described a single flatfish Pleuronectes mancus in his work “Ichthyologia.” Artedi (1792) placed all flatfishes in the one genus Pleuronectes in the group Malacopterygii based on “laterally compressed body, single continuous dorsal fin, and pelvic fin thoracic in position.” The name “Pleuronectes” was introduced in zoology for the first time by Artedi and Linnaeus followed his example. in Genera Piscium described genus Pleuronectes as “fish with dextral eyes, oblong body,” and included 29 species. Lacepede (1801) in his “Histoire Naurelle des Poissons” placed flatfishes in genus Pleuronectus with 4 subgenera without assigning them any names and described 29 species in them. Later, Russell (1803) recorded eight species of flatfish from the Coramendal coast – Hippoglossus erumei, Rhombus marginatus, R. triocellatus, Synaptura Russellii, Synaptura lata Blkr (Solea lata, Hass), Synaptura cornuta Blkr (Solea cornuta Cuv), Plagusia potous Cuv, and Plagusia Blochii Blkr. This was followed by Dumeril (1804) who raised flatfishes to family status and gave the name Heterosomes. Quensel (1806) further divided the genus Pleuronectes into two – Pleuronectes and Solea. Hamilton (1822) in his account of the fishes in the River Ganges described two genera Pleuronectes and Achirus with 4 species Pleuronectes nauphala, Pleuronecetes arsius, Pleuronectes pan, and Achirus cynoglossus. Richardson (1843), in contributions to the Ichthyology of Australia, Vol. XI of “The Annals and Magazine of Natural History” described a new species of flatfish Rhombus lentiginosus. In 1843, Temminck and Schlegel published “Fauna Japonica” wherein four species were described. Later, Muller in 1846 erected a new order Anacanthinii to include Pleuronectoids, Gadoids, and Ophidiods. Cantor (1849) in his Catalogue of Malayan Fishes described Family Pleuronectidae in Order Anacanthini with 14 species in 7 genera; fishes were grouped based on presence of eye and color patterns on right or left side. Bleeker in “Sur quelque genre de la Famille des Pleuronectoides” placed flatfishes in genera in the family Pleuronectoides.

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