Status of Indian marine fish stocks: modelling stock biomass dynamics in multigear fisheries

Sathianandan, T V and Mohamed, K S and Jayasankar, J and Kuriakose, Somy and Mini, K G and Varghese, Eldho and Zacharia, P U and Kaladharan, P and Najmudeen, T M and Mohammed Koya, K and Sasikumar, Geetha and Bharti, Vivekanand and Prathibha, Rohit and Maheswarudu, G and Augustine, Sindhu K and Sreepriya, V and Joseph, Alphonsa and Deepthi, A (2021) Status of Indian marine fish stocks: modelling stock biomass dynamics in multigear fisheries. ICES Journal of Marine Science, 78 (5). pp. 1744-1757.

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A biomass dynamics modelling study to derive biological reference points and management requirements of 223 commercially important fish stocks in different maritime states of India was conducted. Two decades (1997–2016) of fishery-related data on the harvest of resources by different types of fishing fleets formed the input. The multigear nature of the fishery situation was solved by introducing a gear standardization parameter into the biomass dynamics model. The relative positions of the fish stocks were depicted through Kobe plots generated for the ten maritime states/union territory, and the fish stocks were categorized, based on the status, into sustainable, overfished, recovering, and overfishing. The results indicate that 34.1% of the assessed fish stocks in the country are sustainable, 36.3% are overfished, 26.5% are recovering, and 3.1% are in the overfishing status. Regionally, the percentage of sustainable fish stocks were high along the southwest coast (51.6%), overfished stocks were high along the northwest coast (54.2%), and recovering fish stocks were high along the northeast coast (47.8%). The national mean B/BMSY was estimated as 0.86, which is a strong reason for strengthening fisheries management. Fishing fleets harvesting overfished stocks were examined for each maritime state, and recommendations regarding reduction in annual fishing hours are made.

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