Picture book on Marine Gastropods

Jagadis, I and Mohamed, K S and Venkatesan, V and Kavitha, M (2019) Picture book on Marine Gastropods. ICAR - Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Kochi.

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    Gastropods includes snails, slugs and their relatives is a hyper diverse with respect to number of species, structure and habitat and many other attributes. Gastropods are characterised by having single shell and an operculum. Widely ranging in size, the shell has been modified enormously in many groups. A total of 80,000 to 100,000 mollusc species are known world over. About 3271 species of molluscs are found in India, of which 1900 marine species of gastropods are known to date. These resources are exploited by either mechanised trawlers, bottom set gillnets or by diving. Very few species forms a regular fishery and most of them are obtained in smaller magnitude making them unnoticed. While these resources are smaller in magnitude compared to other fisheries, they play an important role as raw materials for the multi-million dollar ‘SHELLCRAFT INDUSTRIES’ world over. In India, the resource is harvested in almost all the landing centres of both the coasts. In southeast coast of India, where the most part of landings of marine gastropods are occurring is considered a hub of shellcraft industry. A total of more than 250 species has been recorded and representing forty odd families in gastropods. The Federation of Sea Shell Handicrafts Merchants Association (FOSSHMA), estimates around 90 active seashell handicrafts traders in India, comprising of 20 very active, 30 minimal functioning and 40 dormant units. The major destinations of export is found to be the United States of America, Australia, Europe, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Africa, Malaysia, Belgium, Croatia, England, Haiti Island, Sri Lanka,France, Netherlands, Germany, South Africa etc. The major species exported are Conus sp, Umbonium sp, Chicoreus ramosus, Lambis lambis, Babylonia spirata, B. zeylanica, Telescopium sp, Terebralia sp, Tonna spp and Cerithium sp. Around 20-25 species are imported by shellcraft industries and the major species imported are Busycon sp, Haliotis sp, Cypraea tigris, Mitrella sp. The major importing countries includes USA, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Philippines, Spain and other African countries. This picture book contains 165 photographs of seashells used in the Indian seashell industries clustered under the common name of the respective species along with vernacular (Tamil) names.

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    Subject Area > CMFRI-Kochi > Marine Capture > Molluscan Fisheries
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