Length-weight relationships in three species of flatfishes at Calicut

Seshappa, G (1981) Length-weight relationships in three species of flatfishes at Calicut. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India, 23 (1&2). pp. 141-150.



Length-weight regression equations were derived for the males and females of Cynoglossus semifa sciatus, C. dubius and C. bilineatus based on material from Calicut Coast. Regression coefficients were estimated by using the logarithms of the total lengths and the corresponding weights. The straight-line relationships of length-weight equations for the three species were as follows: (1) C. semifasciatus - Males: Log Weight = 3.9518 12.7712 Log Length; Females: Log Weight = T.8516 + 2.9024 Log Length; (2) C.dubius- Males: Log Weight = 3.2514 + 3.2926 Log Length; Females: Log Weight=3*.3667t 3.2170 Log Length; (3) C. bilineatus - Males: Log Weight=3.4665 + 3.1667 Log Length; Females: Log Weight =3.3646 -r 3.2489 Log Length. These and earlier findings on Cynoglossus spp. have indicated that the cube law approximately holds good in these flatfishes also as in the case of other fishes.

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