Parasites and pathological conditions in the edible oyster, Crassostrea madrasensis (Preston), from the east and west coasts of India

Suja, G and Kripa, V and Mohamed, K S and Lijo, J and Mini, K G and Sanil, N K (2017) Parasites and pathological conditions in the edible oyster, Crassostrea madrasensis (Preston), from the east and west coasts of India. Parasitology Research, 116 (9). pp. 2569-2579. ISSN 1432-1955

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    A detailed pathological survey was carried out on the commercially important edible oyster, Crassostrea madrasensis (Preston), from two distinct coastal/brackish water ecosystems of south India. Samples were collected twice a year during wet and dry seasons from 2009 to 2012. Bacterial colonies in the form of prokaryotic inclusions, protozoans (Perkinsus beihaiensis, Nematopsis sp. and ciliates Sphenophrya sp. and Stegotricha sp.), metazoans (trematodes, turbellaria, cestodes and crustaceans) and shell parasites (Polydora spp. and Cliona spp.) along with various pathological conditions (digestive tubule atrophy, ceroid bodies, haemocytic infiltration, tissue necrosis and neoplastic disorders) were observed in C. madrasensis collected from two sites. Intensity, spatial and seasonal variations in infection prevalence and pathological effects on the host were studied. The protozoan parasite, P. beihaiensis; shell parasite, Polydora spp. and pathological condition, digestive gland atrophy were most prevalent in occurrence. High-intensity infections with P. beihaiensis, larval trematodes and Polydora spp. were found to cause significant impact on host physiology. All other parasites were observed with low mean prevalence and intensity. Karapad in Tuticorin bay, the site reported with marked pollution levels, exhibited higher number of parasitic taxa and high mean prevalence and intensity for pathological conditions.

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    Uncontrolled Keywords: Crassostrea madrasensis; Histopathology; Protozoan parasites; Pathological conditions; Host physiology
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