Indian Marine Fisheries Code: Guidance on a Marine Fisheries Management Model for India

Mohamed, K S and Vijayakumaran, K and Zacharia, P U and Sathianandan, T V and Maheswarudu, G and Kripa, V and Narayanakumar, R and Rohit, Prathibha and Joshi, K K and Sankar, T V and Edwin, Leela and Ashok Kumar, K and Bindu, J and Gopal, Nikita and Pravin, P (2017) Indian Marine Fisheries Code: Guidance on a Marine Fisheries Management Model for India. CMFRI Marine Fisheries Policy Series (4). ICAR - Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Kochi, pp. 1-102.

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    India’s marine fisheries are at a turning point; the rapid increase in yields witnessed during the first 60 years of independence has slowed down and the scope for increase in yields from new unexploited and underexploited fish stocks and grounds seems limited. The situation calls for urgent measures to sustain the production close to the target potential yield of 4.41 million tonnes. These measures would mean implementation of science based fisheries management and regulations. Although much has been accomplished by way of research and development in marine fisheries in India, the transformation and implementation of the outcome of these studies into effective management of marine fisheries resources of the country has been a shortcoming so far. The FAO brought out the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries (FAO-CCRF) in 1995 to serve as a guidance for countries for a sound and effective management of fisheries resources. This FAO-CCRF has not been put into practice in India, althrough there are some compliances. Scientists of the CMFRI and CIFT, two of India’s major fisheries research institutes, have come together to develop a guidance on how the code can be put into practice in the country. Aptly named as Indian Marine Fisheries Code (IMFC), it is expected to give an impetus to bring about a sea change in the manner in which marine fisheries is managed in the country. The IMFC explains in detail each sub-article of the FAOCCRF and provides information on how the article can be implemented and by whom. The IMFC further proposes several new bodies which are necessary to place fisheries management in the country on an unassailable footing. It is expected that all fisheries management bodies in the country, both at central and state levels would find the IMFC as a useful guidance for the future.

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