Ornamental Fishes of the Western Ghats of India

Anna Mercy, T V and Gopalakrishnan, A and Kapoor, D and Lakra, W S (2007) Ornamental Fishes of the Western Ghats of India. National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources, Kochi. ISBN 81-902951-8-7

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    India is blessed with a rich diversity of freshwater fishes both in the Western Ghats and North Eastern Hills. The Western Ghats of India is one of the 34 - biodiversity ‘hotspot’ areas of the world. The rate of endemism is well reflected in the case of lower vertebrates especially with regard to fishes. Of the 300 species of freshwater fishes in the Western Ghats, 155 are considered ornamental fishes, of which 117 are endemic to the Western Ghats (Gopalakrishnan & Ponniah, 2000). At present, only a small fraction of the endemic fish diversity is utilized in ornamental fish trade. All the ornamental fishes marketed in India are exotic. Eventhough there are quite a lot of indigenous fishes, having high potential as ornamental fishes, they have not been properly exploited. The fish fauna of the Western Ghats include variety of barbs, rasboras, killifishes, glassfishes, catfishes, catopra, hill trouts, and danios, which are ideal candidates for ornamental fish industry. They are exceptionally beautiful with a wide variety of bands, blotches, spots, and colourful fins on their body. In spite of the fact that the Western Ghats of India is a gold mine of endemic freshwater fishes suitable for the ornamental fish trade, no concerted efforts have so far been undertaken for the development of sustainable market for these resources. Lack of scientific information on these native aquatic fauna is the main reason for the poor performance of this sector.

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