भारतातील मासे व कवचधारी सचिवांचे भर समुद्रातील पिंजरा पालन

Purushottama, G B (2014) भारतातील मासे व कवचधारी सचिवांचे भर समुद्रातील पिंजरा पालन. [Teaching Resource]


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    Rearing of finfish and shellfish in cages and pens in water-based confinements is an aquaculture technique which is gaining importance world-wide for intensive exploitation of existing, especially large, fresh or brackish water and marine resources. The confined aquaculture systems such as cages, pens or enclosures consist of growing of young fry of finfish or shellfish to a large size, within netting or screening, which allows free circulation of water. Enclosure is a confined bay, where shoreline is typically closed-off by a net or a screen barrier on all but one side. The rearing facility in pen is almost man-made, the sides being covered by bamboo-matting, netting or screening. The bottom in both, enclosures and pens, however, is bound by lake bed.

    Item Type: Teaching Resource
    Uncontrolled Keywords: Open sea cage culture; marine fin fish; shell fish; India; भारतातील मासे; कवचधारी सचिवांचे; समुद्रातील पिंजरा पालन
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