Marine microalgae culture techniques for finfish and shellfish larval rearing

Xavier, Biji and Balla, Vamsi and Padmajarani, S (2023) Marine microalgae culture techniques for finfish and shellfish larval rearing. In: Training Manual on Livefeed culture techniques for Mariculture applications. CMFRI Training Manual Series No.36/2023 . ICAR-Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Visakhapatnam, pp. 26-46.

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    Aquaculture system is based on microalgae and their animal consumers. The uptake of microalgae biomass by filter-feeders is very promising from the energetic standpoint. Microalgae are the biological starting point for energy flow through most aquatic ecosystems, and are the basis of the food chain in all most all aquaculture operations. Microalgae are used for rearing larvae and juveniles of many species of commercially important molluscs, crustaceans and fish (marine and freshwater) either directly as a source of feed or indirectly through zooplankton (rotifers, copepod or Artemia). In addition, the microalgae are directly introduced in the larval tanks (green water techniques) during marine finfish larval rearing, where they are believed to play a role in stabilizing the water quality, provide nutrition to the larvae and enable microbial control. Thus the management of microalgae population and their culture is considered to be an integral part of hatchery operations.

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