International Workshop cum Training on Fisheries and Aquaculture: African-Asian Rural Development Organization (AARDO)

Gopalakrishnan, A and Suresh, V V R and Najmudeen, T M and Ignatius, Boby and Shinoj, P and Rajesh, N (2023) International Workshop cum Training on Fisheries and Aquaculture: African-Asian Rural Development Organization (AARDO). Manual. ICAR- Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Kochi.

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    The ICAR-Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) stands as India’s premier marine fisheries research institution, distinguished by its robust infrastructure and a proficient workforce committed to research and development in marine fisheries, mariculture and other allied areas, including capacity building on both national and international fronts. Recognizing the pivotal role of the fisheries and aquaculture sector and the urgent need for sustainability, the African-Asian Rural Development Organization (AARDO), New Delhi, has strategically collaborated with CMFRI to provide training and skill development to persons from AARDO member countries. Sponsored by AARDO and the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India, the capacity-building initiative was designed to benefit both India and AARDO member countries. The Workshop-cum-Training on ‘Fisheries Management and Aquaculture’ offered a significant opportunity for 11 participants from eight AARDO member countries such as Bangladesh, Ghana, Zambia, Malaysia, Namibia, Nigeria, Oman and Egypt, to undergo the comprehensive training at CMFRI. This Course Manual, released on the occasion of the Workshop-cum-Training, is a compilation of lecture notes from eminent resource persons involved in the Programme. I am confident that this manual will serve as a valuable resource, enhancing the knowledge and competence of the participants in the fields of fisheries management and aquaculture, proving beneficial in their future endeavours in their respective countries. I extend gratitude to Dr Manoj Nardeosingh, the Secretary-General, of AARDO, New Delhi; Mr Rami Mahmoud Abdel Halim Qtaishat, Assistant Secretary-General, AARDO, New Delhi and Dr Khusnood Ali, Head and Programme Coordinator, AARDO, New Delhi, for being instrumental in selecting CMFRI to organize this Programme. Special thanks to Dr. A. Gopalakrishnan, Director of CMFRI, for facilitating the successful conduct of the Programme. I would also like to express appreciation to my fellow Coordinators, Dr. T. M. Najmudeen, Dr Boby Ignatius, Dr P. Shinoj, and Dr N. Rajesh, who played pivotal roles in ensuring the smooth execution of the Programme. My heartfelt appreciation goes to all the resource persons for their efficient engagement with the trainees, providing excellent lecture notes, and contributing valuable course materials as well as arranging various handson sessions. Dr. Santhosh, B., Head, Vizhinajm RC. of CMFRI and his team; Dr George Ninan, Director, ICAR-Central Institute of Fisheries Technology, Kochi, and Dr Shine Kumar C. S., Director, NIFPHATT, Kochi, facilitated the exposure visit of the participants. I acknowledge the unwavering support from the Mariculture and other Divisions, of CMFRI, including all technical staff, research scholars, and supporting staff, who played crucial roles in organizing the Programme. Special thanks to all Heads of Divisions at CMFRI for their support. I express my gratitude to the entire Administration and Finance and Accounts staff of CMFRI for their unwavering support and cooperation throughout the Programme.

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