Current Status of Knowledge on Hilsa

Suresh, V V R and Sajina, A M and Dasgupta, S and De, D and Chattopadhyay, D N and Behera, Bijay Kumar and Ranjan, Ritesh and Mohindra, Vindhya and Bhattacharya, Samir (2017) Current Status of Knowledge on Hilsa. ICAR- Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute, Kolkata.

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    Species of the family Clupeidae are highly preferred food fishes in the world. The Indian shad, hilsa, belonging to the family Clupeidae, contribute to commercial catches in a number of countries bordering the Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea. The species normally inhabit rivers, estuaries and coastal waters. The highest catch comes from the deltaic region of the Gangetic system in the coastal Bay o f Bengal. The fish is anadromous; grows and matures in the sea and migrates to freshwater fo r spawning. Hilsa fisheries provides direct and indirect livelihood to millions o f fishers along the coastal and riverine stretches in its range of distribution. They are highly delicious, priced and has important sociocultural importance, especially in West Bengal and the north eastern States of India. On account of its commercial importance and migratory habit, hilsa received research attraction since 1907 and there is a wealth of disseminated literature on various aspects o f hilsa by researchers o f different countries, including India.

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