Epinephelus coioides, Orange-spotted Grouper

Amorim, P and Choat, J H and Fennessy, S and Law, C and Ma, K and Myers, R and Nair, Rekha J and Rhodes, K and Sadovy de Mitcheson, Yvonne J and Samoilys, Melita and Suharti, S and To, A (2018) Epinephelus coioides, Orange-spotted Grouper. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2018.

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    This widely distributed species inhabits nearshore habitats from estuaries (juveniles) to coral reefs (adults) and one generation length is estimated as 12.5 years. It is exploited in several parts of its range. It is considered overexploited in Oman and the Persian Gulf, with estimated declines of 51% over the past three generations in the Persian Gulf population. Based on the dominance of juveniles in landings, it is also potentially overfished in Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, but quantitative data are lacking. Global catch is reported primarily only from two main areas: the Persian Gulf/Gulf of Oman and China/Hong Kong, which has declined by 40% over the past 27 years or two generation lengths. It is under effective management in Australia and Indonesia, but conservation measures are not considered effective elsewhere in its range. Overfishing is a threat in certain localities, but is not known to be a major threat on a global-level at this time; therefore it is listed as Least Concern. Improved monitoring of catches and management where it is heavily fished is recommended. The change in status from the previous assessment reflects an improved application of the Red List categories and criteria, as well as a better understanding of available data.

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