Community-based fisheries management

Vipinkumar, V P and Ramachandran, C and Shyam, S Salim and Jephi, Ann Mary and Athira, P V (2017) Community-based fisheries management. In: Course Manual Summer School on Advanced Methods for Fish Stock Assessment and Fisheries Management. Lecture Note Series No. 2/2017 . CMFRI; Kochi, Kochi, pp. 367-391.

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    Does the fishery management regime in the Indian context require a reinvigoration? This is one of the queries which often becomes conspicuous, while speaking the present fishery management system prevailing in a developing country like India. Though the answer for the question is ‘yes’, it can also be a debatable issue highlighting both affirmative and negative sides of fishery management in the strict literal sense. Rather than exploring the intricacies of the meaning of ‘re-invigoration’ with a surgical postmortem approach, this paper is a simple and subtle effort on addressing the sociological issues by harnessing the paradigm of co-management ultimately for augmenting the fishery management perspective in the Indian context. It is a truth that, in the scenario of Indian Fisheries Management regime, the ‘questions’ are very tough and timid, but answers are so simple and known to everyone, though the impediment is the practical implementation part. The open access regime prevailing in the harvesting of marine fishery resources in our country warrants stronger emphasis on invoking technological innovations as well as management paradigms that reconcile livelihood issues with concerns on resource conservation. It is a truth that, innovations do not emerge in a socio-political vacuum. Of course, it is the extent of partnership between the research and the client system that decides the fate of any technology in terms of its adoption or rejection. Quite rational utilization of common property resources for sustainable development without endangering the environment is possible through community participation. For more than 6 million fishers and fish farmers, fisheries are a source of livelihood in India.

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