Stock culture maintenance and mass culture of micro algae

Dash, Biswajit and Ranjan, Ritesh and Balla, Vamsi and Shiva, Ponnaganti (2016) Stock culture maintenance and mass culture of micro algae. [Teaching Resource]

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    Marine micro algae are found in marine systems living both in water as well as in sediment have an important role in ecological pyramid of the marine ecosystem. These are the base of the trophic web and provide energy for all successive trophic level in the marine eco system. These are single celled, chlorophyll bearing organisms uses solar energy and nutrients from water to convert it into organic matter. Out of 8 Lakhs species of different genera of algae available from marine ecosystem very few have been tapped for their use as availability of biomedical compounds and also as feed in different finfish, shellfish and molluscan hatchery. Their role is also very much vital and critical in a successful mariculture hatchery management. An alga serves as a feed for other zooplanktons and also added to the larval rearing tanks to improve quality of water as green water technology. Among microalgae, flagellate and diatom species are cultured in hatcheries in suitably treated seawater enriched with nutrients such as nitrates, phosphates, essential trace elements and vitamins. To support growth of high densities of larvae and juveniles reared in the hatchery high density of micro algal culture is essential. Considering the importance of marine algal culture, different indoor laboratories and outdoor mass culture systems being carried out in various hatcheries in world like Japan, Taiwan, China, Philippines, Indonesia as well as India.

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