Ethyloxanilates as specific male gametocides for wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Chakraborty, Kajal and Devakumar, C (2006) Ethyloxanilates as specific male gametocides for wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). Plant Breeding, 125. pp. 445-447.

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    Induction of male sterility by deployment of male gametocides holds immense potential in heterosis breeding of wheat. The efficacy of a new class of male gametocide for wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) is described: ethyloxanilates, the most active example of this class being ethyl 4-fluorooxanilate (E4FO). E4FO induces male sterility, specifically, without detectable effects on various agronomic features and female fertility. The plants sprayed once with 0.15% E4FO exhibited 100% pollen and floret sterility without causing a significant reduction in total yield. E4FO was screened on 29 genotypes of wheat at 0.15% test concentration and was observed to induce 99.76 ± 0.37% male sterility. Thirteen F1-hybrids of wheat were produced using the gametocide in Winter 2000–2001 and were evaluated for their agronomic performance in Winter 2001–2002. The cross combinations viz., lines WR 544 · HW 2046 and HW 2044 · WR 956 have outperformed their respective better parents by 48.17% and 23.42% in grain yield/plant and thus have potential as hybrids.

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    Uncontrolled Keywords: Triticum aestivum; male sterility; male gametocide; ethyl 4-fluoro oxanilate (E4FO); F1-hybrids
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