Notes on hyperostosis in the fish Drepane punctata (Linnaeus)

Murty, V Sriramachandra (1967) Notes on hyperostosis in the fish Drepane punctata (Linnaeus). Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India, 9 (2). pp. 323-326.


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    While studying certain anatomical differences between the two species of the genus Drepane namely Drepane punctata (Linn.) and Drepane longimana (Bloch & Schneider) some thickened bones popularly called ' stones' were noticed by the author in D. punctata. Cantor (1849) stated that in the largest specimen (V5"= 433 mm.) of D. punctata examined by him the rounded protuberance of the skull between the eyes is very large and prominent and the roots of the four central caudal rays are enlarged and joined together without any intermediate membrane, and Delsman (1925) made a mention of the inflation of frontals, supraoccipitals and lacrymals in D. punctata. Besides these, the present observations in D. punctata revealed certain other bones showing hyperostosis the occurrence of which has not hitherto been reported. Results of a detailed study of the nature and occurrence of such bones are given in this paper.

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