Good practices in mariculture

Imelda, Joseph (2013) Good practices in mariculture. [Teaching Resource]


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    The marine finfish in Asia are cultured in earthen ponds, floating cages or pen systems. The farming methods mostly involve stocking of fingerlings or juveniles that are caught from the wild or hatchery raised seed. Feeds used include trash or low-value fish, other fishery by-catch, farm-made feeds and commercial feeds. Marine finfish farming is not a well established activity in India. However, scope is there for its successful emergence in the immediate future because of the interest of the farmers in diversification of aquaculture species and the ongoing efforts in cage farming R&D and demonstration activities in the country. The high value species suitable for mariculture in India are Asian seabass Lates calcarifer, groupers Epinephelus sp., snappers Lutjanus spp., cobia Rachycentron canadum, silver pompano Trachinotus blochii, grey mullets Mugil cephalus, milkfish Chanos chanos, seer fish, pomfrets and a variety of marine ornamental fishes.

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