Live feed culture and larval rearing of marine finfishes

Gopakumar, G and Nazar, A K A and Jayakumar, R (2013) Live feed culture and larval rearing of marine finfishes. [Teaching Resource]


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    The marine fish larvae are generally classified into altricial and precocial types. The altritial type of larvae are having very less yolk reserves at hatching and hence, the larvae are in an undeveloped stage when the yolk sac is completely exhausted. The development of digestive system is also very primitive in these types of larvae. On the contrary larvae of precocial species hatch in an advanced stage of development. Many of our suitable species of marine fin fishes for aquaculture are characterized by having the altritial type of larvae which poses challenges in their larviculture. When the yolk reserves are fully exhausted, the larval size and mouth gape are very small and the perceptive powers for searching and taking external feed is also very less.

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