Bridging The Gap Between Technology Generation and Adoption in Fisheries: Role of Participatory Intervention Planning

Mohan Joseph, M (2002) Bridging The Gap Between Technology Generation and Adoption in Fisheries: Role of Participatory Intervention Planning. Applied Fisheries and Aquaculture, 2 (2). pp. 62-65.


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    Why research efforts and technology development in the agrarian sector (which includes fisheries) has not effedtively reached the end user in India has been a question often asked but never satisfactorily answered. No doubt, agricultural research outputs have resulted in ensuring food security, self-sufficiency and perhaps nutritional security in India. However, a close look at the sector reveals that in spite of decades of agricultural research and millions of rupees spent on such efforts, the adoption of most of the technologies by the targeted end users developed is rather poor. Compulsions of researchers have more often resulted in development of research projects and research results rather than actual need of end users, which were not fully understood or addressed. In an effort to ensure adoption of such research results, efforts and money have been spent, further to develop 'extension programmes' with the belief that such efforts will result in better adoption. Now that it is well realized that all these have not really resulted in the anticipated results, it is felt necessary to have a fresh look at the existing extension system and evolve practices that would result in better acceptance and adoption. The present paper examines this issue in the light of a case study carried out in 0 r i s o b n d Andhra Pradesh during 1997 - 2000 in the marine post-harvest fisheries sector for the Department of International Development (DFID) of the United Kingdom. Based on the lessons learnt, a participatory planning approach to ensure better adoption by end users is proposed.

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