Stock structure analysis of Decapterus russelli (Ruppell, 1830) from east and west coast of India using truss network analysis

Dash, Swatipriyanka Sen and Jahageerdara, Shrinivas and Jaiswar, A K and Chakraborty, S K and Sajina, A M and Dash, Gyanaranjan (2011) Stock structure analysis of Decapterus russelli (Ruppell, 1830) from east and west coast of India using truss network analysis. Fisheries Research, 112. pp. 38-43.


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    Decapterus russelli (Indian Scad) is an important pelagic carangid distributed on both east and west coast of India. Despite its wide distribution, the stock structure of the species is not well known. The present study was conducted to investigate stock structure of D. russelli, based on body shape morphometrics using truss network system. A total number of 360 samples of the species were collected from two centres, Digha and Visakhapatnam in Bay of Bengal from east coast and on the west coast from Mumbai and Cochin in Arabian Sea. A truss network was constructed by interconnecting 11 landmarks to form a total of 23 distance variables extracted from digital images of samples using tps Dig2 and PAST software platforms. The transformed truss measurements were subjected to factor analysis and classification by cross-validation of discriminant analysis. Factor analysis showed meaningful loading of the middle portion, the portion below the second dorsal fin, above anal fin, and the caudal portion on first and second factor, respectively. The factor analysis revealed the existence of two morphologically different stocks of D. russelli between east and west coast of India. The discriminant analysis was conducted by the combination of the truss distances that loaded on Factor-1 and Factor-2. The measurements that belonged to the middle portion and caudal portion of the body produced minimum misclassification rate of 5% between the coasts; whereas, the misclassification was 28% for all the four stocks. The misclassification was higher between the stocks within the coast. The high rate of misclassification observed within the coast is probably the result of no demarcation in fishing area. The occurrence of a separate stock on each coast may be the result of different physical and ecological condition of Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea.

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    Uncontrolled Keywords: Decapterus russelli (Indian Scad); Stock structure; Shape morphometrics; Truss network system; Factor analysis
    Subjects: Demersal Fishes > Carangids
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