Observations on the maturity and spawning of Metapenaeus monoceros (Fabricius) at Cochin

Nalini, C (1976) Observations on the maturity and spawning of Metapenaeus monoceros (Fabricius) at Cochin. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 23 (1&2). pp. 23-30.



Maturation and spawning of the penaeid prawn, Metapenaeus monoceros from Cochin area have been studied. Five maturity stages, namdy, immature, early maturing, late maturing, mature and spent-recovering, are recognised in the development of the ovary. The maturation process of the intra-ovarian eggs is described in detail. The minimum Size at first sexual maturity is found to be 118 mm. Metapenaeus monoceros breeds throughout the year with intensive spawning during October to April. The nature and distribution of ova in the mature stage indicate that the spawning of individuals of the species is restricted to a short and definite period and the occurrence of mature females in various size groups suggests that the species spawns more than once during its life-time. The fecundity of the species has been estimated to be varying between 155,000 at 146 mm and 338,000 at 175 mm. The relationship between the length of the prawn and fecundity is found to be logarithmic.

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