Deepsea prawns

Chakraborty, Rekha D and Nandakumar, G (2011) Deepsea prawns. In: Handbook of Prawns. Radhakrishnan, E V and Josileen, Jose and Pillai, S Lakshmi,(eds.) Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Kochi, pp. 67-82.

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From the beginning of this century, large varieties of prawns belonging to the families Penaeidae, Pasiphaeidae, Oplophoridae and Pandalidae have been reported from the west and east coast of India, particularly from southern regions beyond the continental shelf (Alcock 1901, 1906; de Man 1911, 1920; Calman, 1939; John and Kurian, 1959; Kurian 1964; George, 1966; George and Rao 1966; Suseelan and Mohamed, 1968 and Suseelan 1974, 1989). However, existence of some of these species in commercially exploitable concentrations in these deeper waters has been brought to light only recently. Silas (1969) and Mohamed and Suseelan (1973) gave general accounts on the distribution and relative abundance of common species of prawns of the shelf-edge and upper continental slope of the southwest coast. Detailed review on deep-sea fisheries of India has been given recently by Rao (2009). First account on the deep-sea crustacean fishery carried out by commercial prawn trawlers along Kerala coast were given by Rajan et al. (2001) and Nandakumar et al. (2001).

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