Generic Characters of Solenocera Lucas, 1849

Dineshbabu, A P (2011) Generic Characters of Solenocera Lucas, 1849. In: Handbook of Prawns. Radhakrishnan, E V and Josileen, Jose and Pillai, S Lakshmi,(eds.) Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Kochi, pp. 59-65.

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Majority of the species belonging to Solencoceridae family occur in offshore, deeper waters and were earlier caught by exploratory surveys. Since fishing in deeper waters started during the last 25 years, species belonging to the family became a regular fishery in many parts of the world. Rostrum relatively short, strongly compressed laterally, and armed only with dorsal teeth. Postorbital, antennal, and hepatic spines present; pterygostomian or branchiostegal spines present or absent. Cervical sulcus long, reaching, or almost reaching, mid-dorsum of carapace; hepatic sulcus well marked. Abdomen is carinate dorsally. Telson with median sulcus, and usually with conspicuous pair of fixed lateral spines, occasionally lacking spines. Prosartemais present. Antennular flagella longer than carapace, lamellate, broad ventral pair forming trough covered by narrower dorsal flagella, four together constituting a respiratory siphon. Mandibular palp is two-segmented, distal segment sub-triangular. First maxilla is with unsegmented palp. First pereiopod with spine on basis and ischium; second pereiopod usually armed with spine on basis.

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