Fisheries Glossary: English - Hindi

Sheela, P J and Sasikala, E, eds. (2012) Fisheries Glossary: English - Hindi. Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Kochi.



When speaking of the Scientific concepts, as the scientific concepts are well understood in the context of their definition, many words and definition are explained in a few lines in Hindi or in English. A bench mark has been fixed with the Molluscan biology to explain the fisheries contexts. The generic, species names and international concepts have been retained as such and rendered in Devanagari script; in certain cases of binominal nomenclature, taxonomical reference with common names are given. Words and expressions of common interests have also been compared with other fisheries departmental glossaries to bring in equilibrium of words. Selected common fish names have been adopted from regional languages and so also the pan Hindi usages like kayal, kattamaram, chakara, pokkali, bheri etc. We have also tried to add latest and most up to date English words on fisheries to make it acceptable to educational circles and Government departments. In fact this glossary is a compilation of more than eight thousand technical referral terms which we were referring and adding for more than the last 2 decades while enriching the Hindi literature on fisheries.

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