Age and growth studies in silverbellies along Kerala coast

Abraham, K J and Murty, V Sriramachandra and Joshi, K K (2011) Age and growth studies in silverbellies along Kerala coast. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India, 53 (2). pp. 172-177.



Age and growth were estimated for five species of silverbellies from samples collected for 24 months from January 1998 along Kerala coast. The estimated values of von Bertalanffy growth parameters are: Eubleekeri splendens L∞ = 154 mm, K = 0.52; Leiognathus brevirostris L∞ = 140 mm, K = 0.86; Secutor insidiator L∞ = 130 mm, K = 0.80; S. ruconius L∞ = 92 mm, K = 1.19 and Gazza minuta L∞ = 160 mm, K = 1.7. Length-weight relationship of E. splendens W = 0.000006 L3.163977, S. insidiator W = 0.0000015 L3.463096 and S. ruconius was W = 0.000162 L2.973626. The Kn value in E. splendens is lowest in the 75-79 mm length group and highest in 100-104 mm length group. In S. insidiator the Kn value is highest in the 60-64 mm length group. A review of methods available for study of growth has been made and the limitations are discussed. In the ELEFAN method, which has been followed in the present work, the issues confronted are discussed and the ways by which accurate growth parameters could be estimated are discussed.

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