Diversity of Brachyuran crabs in Gulf of Mannar (Southeast coast of India)

Jeyabaskaran, R and Khan, S Ajmal (2007) Diversity of Brachyuran crabs in Gulf of Mannar (Southeast coast of India). In: Biodiversity Conservation in Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve. Kannaiyan, S and Venkataraman, K,(eds.) National Biodiversity Authority, Chennai, pp. 68-82.



Coral reefs protect the coastline against waves and erosion and constitute one of the most diverse marine ecosystems in the World. Coral reefs provide Subsistence, security and cultural utility to the inhabitants of coastal areas in all the tropical nations. Nevertheless, reef degradation is Widespread, due to their manifold uses and importance to the people or developing countries. Therefore the lnternational Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural resources (IUCN) considers maintenance of reef fisheries as a global priority. Collection of data about the coral reef resources is the most basic information in a coral reef ecological study. Management could be done only on the basis of such information

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