Study on the Diversity of Carangid Resources off Cochin, Kerala

Nair, Rekha J and Joshi, K K and Kuriakose, Somy and Geetha, P M (2010) Study on the Diversity of Carangid Resources off Cochin, Kerala. In: Coastal Fishery Resources of India - Conservation and sustainable utilisation. Meenakumari, B and Boopendranath, M R and Edwin, Leela and Sankar, T V and Gopal, Nikita and Ninan, George,(eds.) Society of Fisheries Technologists, pp. 98-108.



The Family Carangidae includes diverse marine fishes that are ecologically and economically important species such as the jacks, scads, trevallies, pampano, amberjacks and queenfishes. Most are either deep bodied neretic bottom feeders or more slender neretic planktivores. A few species such as the rainbow runner and pilot fish are pelagic, typically found in the open ocean. Carangids are found in all tropical and subtropical marine waters of the world, and some occur In temperate regions. In India., fishes of the Family Carangidae are widely distributed along both coasts of India.

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