Carangids of India - A Monograph

Joshi, K K and Nair, Rekha J and Abdussamad, E M and Thomas, Sujitha and Kakati, V S and Jasmine, S and Varghese, Molly and Sreeram, Miriam Paul and Sukumaran, Sandhya and George, Rani Mary and Manisseri, Mary K (2011) Carangids of India - A Monograph. Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Kochi.



Fishes of the family Carangidae constitute one of the important commercial fisheries of India. There have been reports on their distribution, abundance and biological aspects but no attempt has been made towards a comprehensive study on the taxonomy of this group of fishes. Carangids accounts 5.5 % of the total marine catch in the country. In 2009, carangids contributed 1.73 lakh tonnes to the total landing showing increasing trend over 2008. There are 62 species of carangids occurring along the Indian coast but commercial fishery comprise mainly trevalleis, horse mackerel, scads, queen fishes, leather jackets and pompanos landed by trawls, gillnets, purse seines, bag seines, ring seines, shore seines, traps, hooks and lines and long lines. Carangids are considered as an important tasty fish in the domestic market and some of the species are in good demand in export market. Full text not available

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