Biological Fouling at Port Kakinada, Godavari Estuary, India

Rao, K Satyanarayana and Balaji, M (1988) Biological Fouling at Port Kakinada, Godavari Estuary, India. In: Marine biodeterioration: Advanced Techniques Applicable to Indian Ocean. Thompson, Mary Frances and Sarojini, Rachakonda and Nagabhushanam, R,(eds.) Oxford & IBH , New Delhi, pp. 551-574.



Results of fouling investigations conducted for the first time at the fastdeveloping intermediate port of Kakinada in Godavari Estuary, Andhra Pradesh during 1983-1984 are presented. The fouling species collected from different structures and craft were identified and listed. Several of the species are reported for the first time from the area and some are new records to the Bay of Bengal. The main species are: the serpulid, Mercierella enigmatica; the barnacle, Balanus amphitrite; and the bryozoans, Electra bengalensis, Membranipora amoyensis, A lderina arabianensis, and Victorella pavida. Panel tests (timber and glass; short- and long-term) were conducted at two selected stations (Station I: Kakinada canal, port area; Station II: new fishing harbor) with widely differing hydrographical conditions. The data obtained for one year are presented. Variations in the nature and composition of the fouling communities were found between the two stations. Station I, subjected to extreme salinity fluctuations, typically supported a low number of highly tolerant (estuarine) species, whereas a high number of species and a more complex community structure were found at the more stable Station II. Data on seasonal settling patterns, fouling biomass fluctuations, and growth rates of important species are given and relevant comparisons made with other Indian harbors.

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