Boring and Fouling Echinoderms of Indian Waters

James, D B (1988) Boring and Fouling Echinoderms of Indian Waters. In: Marine biodeterioration: Advanced Techniques Applicable to Indian Ocean. Thompson, Mary Frances and Sarojini, Rachakonda and Nagabhushanam, R,(eds.) Oxford & IBH , New Delhi, pp. 227-238.



Very little is known about the boring and fouling activities of echinoderms from Indian waters. The author. as a result of his studies on Indian echinoderms during the last 22 years. has collected a number of fouling echinoderms belonging to the classes Crinoidea. Asteroidea. Ophiuroidea. Echinoidea. and Holothuroidea in addition to sea urchins belonging to the families Stomopneustidae and Echinometridae. which bore into rocks in intertidal regions. These organisms are described.

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