Ornamental fish resources of Lakshadweep

Murty, V Sriramachandra (2001) Ornamental fish resources of Lakshadweep. Geological Survey of India Special Publication (56). pp. 103-111.



In the lagoons of Lakshadweep islands, omamental fishes of the families Labridae, Pomacentridae, Serranidae, Acanthuridae, Chaetodontidae, Callyodontidae, Mullidae, Balistidae, Holocentridae, Canthigasteridae, Pomacanthidae and Zanclidae, represented by a total of 191 species are important. Preliminary estimates show that Kalpeni has the largest population size, followed by Amini, Kadamat, Chetlat, Kavaratti, Agatti, Kiltan and Bitra; population per hectare was found to be highest in Amini, followed by Chetlat, Kalpeni, Kiltan, Kadamat, Kavaratti, Bitra and Agatti. Certain measures for sustainable exploitation of omamental fishes are indicated

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