Topographical features of areas surveyed

Mahadevan, S and Easterson, D C V (1983) Topographical features of areas surveyed. CMFRI Bulletin, 34 . pp. 10-25.

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´╗┐Valuable information is available through the publi cations of Kloss (1902) and Parkinson (1938) on the general topographical features of many of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Elliot (1972) had added some precise details for a selected few islands with notes on land and shoreline reliefs. Rao's (1937, 1939) accounts deal with the nature of sea bottom of shallow areas inhabited by Trochus and Turbo species. Still our knowledge and understanding of the intertidal and subtidal zones of most of the islands is very meagre. The present survey provided an opportunity to visit many islands, bays and creeks and study these features from a particular angle of finding out their potential and suitability for mariculture operations. Obser vations were made on the disposition of coral reefs, back reef area, reef slope and the sea bottom in its vicinity with the help of SCUBA diving wherever needed. Due to limited facilities of transport from Island to island and short duration, only a rapid survey could be undertaken.

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