Systematics and comparative Osteology of Indian lizard fishes (Saurida spp.)

Rao, K Venkatasubba (1977) Systematics and comparative Osteology of Indian lizard fishes (Saurida spp.). Indian Journal of Fisheries, 24 (1&2). pp. 143-171.


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Brief descriptions of the four species of Saurida, VIZ., S. turnbil, S. unlosquatnis, S. longimanus and S. gracilis are given along with a key for their identification. A comparative study of different morphological and osteological characteristics of the first three species from Waltair coast showed that they exhibit marked similarity in many characters but differ in respect of some characters by which they can be distinguished. S. undosquarni, and S. longitnunus resemble each other closely in respect of most of the characters and stand apart from S. tutnbil. An osteologlcal key for the identification of the three species is given. A campaison of specimens of tunlbil and undosquamis of Bay of Bengal with those of East China and Japan seas indicatled that these species from Indian and Japanese waters may represent different races.

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