Intraovarian studies and fecundity in Nemipterus japonicus (Bloch)

Dan, S S (1977) Intraovarian studies and fecundity in Nemipterus japonicus (Bloch). Indian Journal of Fisheries, 24 (1&2). pp. 48-55.



Fecundity in Nemipterus japonicus (Bloch) vanied from 10.5 to 80.8 thousize. Among the four equations tested, the linear relationship between length and sands in fish ranging in size from 13.0 bo 20.9 cm, and increased with increasing fecundity was closer than the rest. It was also found that the fish bred twice a year, once in December-February and then in June-July. The spawning was short and sharp. and sharp.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Intraovarian studies; fecundity; Nemipterus japonicus
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